Lleida Lan Party 5

Hey, for all of you outside Spain:

LLP is a Lan Party event witch it takes his fifth year of life. We atract a thousand of people; half of them are gamers and a quarter are modders, the other participate to other activities. They are being in Lleida along 2 and a half days, since 25 to 27 April.

Our main focus is Modding and E-Sports, we reward in prizes over 15.000 € in cash and accessories for all the activities, game tournaments and modding tournaments.


LLeida is located 160 km west away from Barcelona, north-east of Spain. To find us, you can do a google maps search, or you can find it on our web.


For games we have focused it with money prizes, and only on the 1st prizes. Tthey're like as follow:


  • CS 1st prize - 5.000 €
  • CSS 1st prize - 2.250 €
  • COD 1st prize - 4 2.250 €

The 2nd and 3rd prizes are different packs of gear donated by our sponsor


All game competitions will start on Saturday at 10am and will end on Sunday 5pm, after prize delivering celebration. We recomend you be there on Friday afternoon, when party opens at 7pm.


For modders we have a very large selection of prizes, including the ones donated by AC Ryan. You can find them on a post in:

Modding Prizes (sorry, there is not an english version)


For gamers, we have a zone dedicated to this named "Lleida Gaming Contest". You can find all the information in this document, the prizes, games, timetable, etc.


If you are really intereseted to come, there ara several ways. We will show some of theme.

1. You can travel to Madrid or Barcelona by plane, and come to Lleida by high speed trains ( 1 hour from Barcelona, and 2 hours from Madrid).

2 . You can travel to Girona Airport by lowcost plane, and come to Lleida by bus (it takes more less 3 hours)

3. You can travel to Reus Airport by lowcost plane, and come to Lleida by bus, or traine (it takes more less 1 hour)

The best option, it's to take a plane to Barcelona or Madrid, there are also lowcost planes that arrive there.

It will be greatfull to have European Modders and Gamers in LleidaLanParty and as colaboration

  • The entrance to the event is 25€ per person value, and the food, this year is based on big sandwitchs, you can found it on catering (27€ per person value)
  • if you want we'll be charmed to help you to find a near and cheap accomodation to assit to LleidaLanParty.

  • and a special media attention, we'll be on the largest PC and modding magazines next month after the party.

And for modders: look carefully at the mega prizes we offer (most of the material), but a 30.000 € CASH is offered for the winners in the Future Modding Tournament being helded in Spain, and where Lleida Lan Party is one of the first Partys that takes place.

For any information contact the organization, info@lleidalanparty.com

Regards from Lleida, Spain